Why Ideal Medical Solutions



It’s really easy to write about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it, but it’s a lot more real (and believable) when we let our clients do the talking. Below you will read real testimonials from real clients about the level of service and expertise they enjoyed while working with Ideal Medical Solutions, LLC.

It thrills us to no end to know that we are achieving the goals we set forth in our company philosophy, and that we are making a positive impact on people and their businesses.

If you’d like to submit your own testimonial, please feel free to do so using the form on our Contact page. We always love hearing from current satisfied customers and understanding the type of value we bring to your business!

If you’re new to IMS and not yet a customer, than we look forward to helping your business thrive and posting your IMS story on this wall in the future, too!


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Chris met Suze in 2014 while working at Synergy 1 where they both had the privilege of guest speaking. Since then she has grown very close to Chris and is still working with him in a variety of organizations where she can appreciate the quality of work he produces.

“While working with Chris at Synergy 1, I have noticed he is always on time, professional, and organized. Before I refer any of my clients to a business affiliate of mine, they must possess these qualities. Chris goes beyond just offering billing services to his clients, he advises them and he educates them on proper billing and coding protocols. I know that when I refer a client to him, they are well cared for! ” – Suze Shaffer, CHSP


Synergy Health and Wellness

IMS was hired in October of 2015 to handle the billing process for both medical Synergy Logoand personal injury. Since being hired Synergy Health and Wellness has been thriving and reaching maximum efficiency.

“I cannot speak highly enough about the service we receive from IMS and Chris Spero. Any question I have is answered promptly and expertly and the communication between their office and ours is exceptional.  IMS understands that we work as a team and that mentality shines through in every aspect of their relationship with our office.” – Katrina Spriet, Office Manager

“Chris and his staff are always top notch. They are always on top of things and seem to take pride in their work. You aren’t just another revenue stream for IMS. They actually care about their clients and know them.” – William Abrahams, D.C.  


Papia Chiropractic Clinic

PapiaIMS was able to help Dr. Papia with his billing process – for both medical and personal injuries – so he could better manage his business. IMS worked alongside his office staff to implement best practices and improved his overall office operation.

 “Prior to hiring IMS, I had gone through 2-3 employees over the last few years who were not doing the job they were being paid.  My income kept dropping each year even though my patient load was only down somewhat.  Within 4-6 weeks after hiring IMS, income from previous services rendered started coming in.  To my amazement, the increase has been 35-40% in revenue consistently every week.  I am amazed.” – Joseph Papia, D.C.


Ocean Chiropractic & Wellness Center

OceanOpened for business in January 2011.  IMS has handled Ocean’s medical and PIP claims processing since the start!  As a result we are able to provide a customized billing and reporting solution that not only meets Ocean’s expectations, but far exceeds them.

“The service IMS provides is top notch.  With the high level of business acumen IMS brings to the table, they absolutely provide complete ‘ideal medical solutions’ for my practice.”  – Brooke Hebauf, DC

“The ability of IMS to custom tailor their services to the type/style of our business is fantastic.  You can’t be too busy, too big or small for them, they will grow with you and change with your business!” –  Martin Warren, DC


Bennett Chiropractic Northdale

IMS was hired in November of 2011 to replace another billing company.  In just a few short months we have been able to streamline their billing process which has resulted in 4 consecutive months of revenue growth and has allowed them to expand their staff by hiring a new office manager.

“Our cash flow has improved considerably.  The number of days to receive a claim has been decreased.  It is nice to go to the mail box and 3 days out of 4 there are checks in the mail and on some days up to 5 checks.”

“If you haven’t hired IMS do so.  If you have them as part of your team, keep them.  Professionals make their job appear easy.  Don’t be fooled and think you can have someone on your staff do the billing plus other stuff they are assigned.  IMS are specialists who are focused on your billing and aren’t diverted and distracted by other jobs and responsibilities.” – Margaret Green, Administrator