Personal Injury Billing

Personal Injury Billing



Is your current billing service unwilling to handle your personal injury cases? IMS is prepared to help by offering our expert services specifically on your personal injury billing.

Our specialties include successfully handling PIP billing for our chiropractic clients. We work on a percentage based model, so we get paid after the money is already in your bank account or on its way to you. The IMS team has extensive knowledge and experience with PIP and would happily provide our personalized services for your practice.

Advantages to Outsourcing PIP Billing

  •  An advantage to our system is transparency. If possible we work with your system so yourPIP data stays in house and you always have full access to your billing information and statistics.
  • PIP bills are mailed out bi-weekly to keep consistent with cash flow and minimize postage costs.
  • We are up to date on all state and federal legislation regarding personal injury billing, including Florida PIP laws, healthcare reform, ICD-10, and CPT coding guidelines.

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