Our Services


When you work with IMS you are not just contracting a company to help you process and follow-up on insurance claims. Instead, you are embarking upon a long-lasting, personalized relationship with a team of committed, caring, honest, and hard working professionals whose number one goal is to help your practice succeed. We provide a full spectrum of billing services, personal injury billing, and serve as a professional network resource. Contact us to chat about how we can tailor a custom solution specific to your practice’s needs. To learn more about why Ideal Medical Solutions is the “ideal” partner for your practice, read about us.

Billing Services

IMS provides outstanding billingservices services to ensure that all of your insurance bills are submitted and paid in a timely manner. We differ from other medical billing services by developing personalized tactics to ensure that the billing process is as efficient as possible for your practice.We bill all commercial insurance carriers, Medicare, Medicaid, personal injury, and workman’s comp. Learn more.

Personal Injury Billing

IMS specializes in exclusively handling PIP billing for chiropractic practices. We work on a percentage based model, so we get paid after the money is already in your bank account or on its way to you. The IMS team has extensive knowledge and experience with PIP and would happily provide our personalized services for your practice. Learn more.

Professional Network Resource

IMS has an extensive professional network that we encourage our clients to
utilize. Having professional resources to consult with ensures that IMS is one of the first to familiarize with any changes made to guarantee that all of our clients are receiving, as well as offering, the highest quality services possible. Learn more.