Our New Medical Billing & Medical Claims Processing Services Website is Finally Live!

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It was a long time in the making, but our website is finally up and operational! When we started working with our web developer, we knew we wanted to create a site that was easy to navigate, easy to read and understand, and that educated people on all of the unique reasons that Ideal Medical Solutions, LLC is a great partner for Medical Claims Processing, Credentialing, and Consulting services. We worked to gather the information, distilled it into bits that collectively made sense to the uninitiated and then wrapped it up in a graphic presentation that we felt was understated, soothing and attractive (much like our services!).

We plan to use this blog to update our customers (and future customers alike) on important information we learn about billing, insurance, and other relevant topics as the news is available (like impending changes to health insurance with new laws going into effect soon, and what effects they will have on your business). Be sure to check back often and let us know if you have any topics you’d like to see covered.

We’d also love to hear what you think about this site and the blog itself. After all, when you’re so close to a project for so long, it’s hard to remain totally objective. Let us know what you love, what you hate, what you wish there were less of and what you wish there were more of, and we’ll work to make the experience of visiting our site as pleasant and as pleasing as possible.

Thanks for visiting with us, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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