About The Founder

Chris Spero, Founder


Medical billing services founder Chris Spero

Building on a decade of business development experience for a Fortune 1000 Company, IMS founder Chris Spero brings entrepreneurial talent and financial knowledge to help healthcare providers achieve their business goals and improve profitability.

A business is only as good as its leadership team, and Ideal Medical Solutions founder Chris Spero is heavily involved in day-to-day operations. He personally oversees the quality of the services IMS delivers, and works with every client to ensure they are receiving the level of customer care that is IMS’ trademark. Chris’ hard work and positive, can-do attitude impresses everyone he meets, and his clients are no exception.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of South Florida and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University. With his extensive education and experience, Chris and the Ideal Medical Solutions team will provide ideal billing services, personal injury billing, and provide an extensive professional network for your practice.


“Chris is one of the most competent people I have met.  What he said he would do he has done and more.  He is very knowledgeable and extremely professional.  He found so many issues that had not been addressed by my previous employees and has manage to correct many of them.” – Joesph Papia, D.C., Owner, Papia Chiropractic Clinic


“Chris’ approach is to work with us as a part of our staff rather than just a contracted resource. He contributes thoughtful ideas and delivers a WOW service. He has a great attitude and is very professional, personable, pleasant, and knowledgeable. He is a great researcher. Anything that he does not know he finds out.  He is relentless with insurance claims departments. He is great on follow- ups with our office and insurance companies. He educates us on maximizing our coding.” – Margaret Green, Administrator, Bennett Chiropractic Northdale


“Chris is one of the most reliable, dependable, team oriented folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with…he was always available for an ear, a sanity check, or advice on how to crack a tough problem. He had a phenomenal mentoring relationship with the sales team he managed and was innovative in how he motivated and achieved their collective sales goals.” – Barb Coots, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager, Lexmark


“Chris was instrumental in driving our team to the #1 sales position in 2007. He has the unique ability to turn complex client issues into a winning solution and has superior analytical capabilities that enables Chris to see incremental opportunity where others often fail. Chris’ performance was so impressive during 2007 that he was promoted into sales management in 2008 and successfully built another successful sales team. Chris would be the first team member that I would hire if I were buliding a new sales team today; he is a true winner.” – Bruce Crowe, Sales Manager, Lexmark


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris in a variety of capacities and on a number of initiatives. He brings a diverse skillset to each new opportunity and challenge. Strong analytical skills, leadership, creativity and a keen intellect allow him to continually achieve successful results.” – Debra Rossi, Sr. Manager, Channel Sales & Marketing, Lexmark International, Inc.

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