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Helping Your Practice Make More & Spend Less

home_img1When you work with Ideal Medical Solutions, you are not just contracting a company to help you process and follow-up on insurance claims, you are embarking upon a long-lasting relationship with a team of committed, caring and hard working professionals whose number one goal is to help your practice succeed. Our strategy is simple: Service our clients to death and blow away their expectations. We are experts on the medical billing and insurance industries, and have a firm grasp on the realities of running a health and wellness business in today’s world. We’ll work with you one-one, in a personalized fashion, to streamline your internal processes, increase the efficiency of your billing and collections activities, and maximize and stabilize your cash flow. When you’re ready for a financial wellness checkup, call us. We’ll work with your company so it makes more and spends less!

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Your Financial Wellness Professionals


Learn how we maximize your cash flow through our billing and claims processing services.
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Learn how we can help with getting accepted into insurance networks and review contracts.
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Learn how we can help your practice make more money while reducing expenses.
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Within 4-6 weeks after hiring IMS, income from previous services rendered started coming in.  To my amazement, the increase has been 35-40% in revenue consistently every week.  I am amazed.–Joseph Papia, D.C., Papia Chiropractic Clinic

The ability of IMS to custom tailor their services to the type/style of our business is fantastic.  You can’t be too busy, too big or small for them, they will grow with you and change with your business!–Martin Warren, D.C., Ocean Chiropractic